Re-advertised - Science Teacher (Fixed Term - Full-time)

This is a re-advertised position seeking a Science Teacher, working full-time on a fixed term basis.  The position commences immediately to the end of January 2019.  Please state subject strengths when applying.

Please apply here, applications closes 5th April 2018

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Teacher Registration

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Identity Verification, Criminal Record and Right to Work

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(A board may not employ or engage a children's worker who has been convicted of an offense specified in Schedule 2 of the vulnerable Children Act 2014. The clean Slate Act does not apply to schedule 2 offenses.)

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Please list your work experience for the last five years beginning with your most recent position. Please explain any gaps in the employment. If you were self-employed, give details. Attach additional sheets if necessary.


Please list TWO Employment referees whom we may contact for a personal reference.