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Office Open: 8.45am - 3pm
Telephone: (07) 846 8624 or (07) 847 9044 x 866
Mobile: 021 895047
Fax: (07) 846 8623
Email: [email protected]
Postal Address:
Adult and Community Education, PO Box 15-121, Dinsdale, Hamilton, 3243

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If there are any courses that you would like us to run that we are not offering - please contact Community Education Tel: 847 1074.

Tutors - Adult and Community Education

We are always looking for quality tutors to teach in our courses and to inspire new learners. Tutoring could be a rewarding and fun experience for you and the course participants. View our current Tutors.

Please contact:
Peter Faulkner:
Director Adult and Community Education

Tel: (07) 846 8624