HATHA YOGA ... Tuesday

  • Start Date: Tuesday 5th May, 2020.
  • End Date: Tuesday 23rd Jun, 2020.
  • Time: 6.15 - 7.45.
  • 8 Weeks.
  • 1.5 hours per week.
  • Course Fee: $115.00.


Tutor Jill Robinson


Hatha Yoga benefits all ages from four to ninety four and beyond, if you so choose.

Trim, firm and strengthen your entire body. Gain flexibility, relieve stiffness and tightness. Relieve stress, nervousness and tension and increase your energy and vitality. Improve in everything you do, physically, emotionally and mentally. Enjoy the relaxation of your entire being, at the conclusion of each session.

Yoga is the grandfather of all of the systems and methods of self improvement. It has been used for many centuries throughout the world to gain new life for bodies and minds. Our practice will concentrate on the basic exercises, all of which are carried out in slow motion. Create a new you!!!



Jill's Yoga class is an hour and a half duration. Please bring along a mat, rug and cushion, wear comfortable clothing, socks and a man size handkerchief. Please have an empty stomach.

Tutors: Jill Robinson

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