• Location: Fraser High M1
  • Start Date: Wednesday 12th Feb, 2020.
  • End Date: Wednesday 1st Apr, 2020.
  • Time: 6.30 - 8.30.
  • 8 Weeks.
  • 2 hours per week.
  • Course Fee: $165.00.


It’s all about making music!

Bring your instrument and make your own music by improvising in a friendly environment.  

All instruments are welcome – acoustic and electric, winds and strings, hand drums and percussion, and homemade innovations. In an energetic, humorous and open-minded environment, discover how to move beyond the limits of musical training while playing at the peak of your technical and expressive ability in a variety of musical styles.

We support YOU in your musical explorations through jam sessions where you experience improvisational music using activities, structures and tools designed to create a unique experience.

Build your confidence by playing with likeminded people in an interacting and relaxed atmosphere.

Through a supportive group setting, our intention is to promote authentic music making through creating music “in the moment” and playing from the heart.


To benefit from the workshop you should already be familiar with your instrument and able to play notes/chords (if applicable to your instrument).

Discover the art of music improvisation in a group setting.

Our workshop will help you uplift your confidence and discover yourself by playing spontaneous music.

Discover various approaches to improvisation and create music on the spot.

Explore your inner you though a journey of musical styles around the world. Be part of a community that supports creative expression.  An informative, interesting and enjoyable jam session every week.

You will leave the workshop performing music from a different perspective.

Your Tutor is Burty Bedeux.

The workshop will be led by pianist Burty Bedeux, born in the tropical island of Mauritius. After living in different places in Australia and New Zealand, he now calls Waikato home. Burty is a former Learning and Development manager as well as an active volunteer in community projects, understanding the adult learning path.

Burty has performed in various music festivals/events in Australia and New Zealand. He has also organised public jam sessions.

Burty will take you through an unpredictable journey and help you be yourself in your music. All this via a wide range of musical styles from across the globe.

Whatever the style, his focus is on improvisation making each performance unique and spontaneous.

Your instrument comes to life with moments of sudden inventiveness that captures the mind, body and spirit.

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