ACCOUNTING for Non-Accountants

  • Location: Fraser High School
  • Room: C1
  • Start Date: Wednesday 31st Jul, 2024.
  • End Date: Wednesday 18th Sep, 2024.
  • Time: 6.00-8.00pm.
  • 8 Weeks.
  • 2 hours per week.
  • Course Fee: $79.00.


🌟 **Unlock the Secrets of Accounting with Michelle Bosch!**

Are you intrigued by the mysterious world of accounting? Do terms like "General Ledger," "GST Returns," and "Income Statement" sound like a foreign language to you? Fear not! Michelle Bosch is here to demystify the complexities of accounting in her course:

**Accounting for Non-Accountants – The Basic Blocks of the Accounting**

In this comprehensive course, Michelle Bosch will guide you through the fundamental building blocks of accounting, transforming the seemingly daunting task into a delightful journey. Whether you're a business enthusiast, want to take control of your personal finances, or are considering a career in accounting, this course is tailor-made for you.

**What you'll learn:** (please note: this may change, depending of student needs)

1. **Source Documents:** Master the art of making sense of paperwork, sorting through the chaos, and organising vital documents efficiently.

2. **Chart of Accounts:** Learn the ins and outs of structuring and organizing accounts to pave the way for a solid financial foundation.

3. **General Ledger:** Explore the backbone of accounting, understanding how transactions are recorded and managed.

4. **GST Returns:** Navigate the complexities of Goods and Services Tax returns with ease and confidence.

5. **Preparing for the End of the Financial Year:** Gain insights into the crucial steps involved in closing out the financial year successfully.

6. **Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable:** Understand the dynamics of managing money owed to you and money you owe to others.

7. **Debits and Credits:** Unravel the mystery of feeling like a debit or a credit, understanding their impact on financial transactions.

8. **Journal Transactions:** Dive into the world of journal entries, essential for accurate financial recording.

9. **Banking:** Learn how to manage financial transactions efficiently through bank accounts.

10. **Petty Cash:** Discover the importance of petty cash and how to handle small transactions effectively.

11. **Bank Statements and Reconciliation:** Navigate the complexities of bank statements and master the art of bank reconciliation.

12. **Income Statement:** The final piece of the puzzle – understand how the income statement determines the outcome of accounting activities.

**Why Choose Michelle Bosch's Course?**

- **Practical Knowledge:** Michelle delivers practical insights, ensuring you grasp the concepts and can apply them in real-world scenarios.

- **Expert Guidance:** Learn from an experienced professional with a passion for making accounting accessible to everyone.

- **Career Boost:** Whether you're a business owner, aspiring accountant, or someone keen on financial literacy, this course will elevate your understanding of accounting.

Embark on your journey to accounting mastery with Michelle Bosch! Enroll now and unlock the sweet secrets of the accounting slab. Your financial acumen will thank you later! 🚀📊

Tutors: Michelle Bosch

This course is supported by the TEC (Tertiary Education Commission) to assist with literacy, numeracy and wellbeing needs of students. You must attend 80% of the class. At the same time we hope you will learn other useful and interesting skills and have a lot of fun learning with us.

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