Cadet Unit Structure


Our purposefully designed training programme offers you the "Army" flavour:

Skills to Learn

History of NZ Army and the unit

Become familiar with where the New Zealand Army has been deployed and where your unit comes from.


Learn the team work and skills required to stand tall in public.

Dress and bearing

Become skilled in meeting exacting standards of personal presentation.

Bush craft

Become skilled and comfortable in a bush environment.

Weather reading skills

Learn to read and appreciate the role weather plays in the outdoors.

Survival Skills

Develop skills to improve your survival in various outdoor environments.

First Aid

Know how to look after yourself and your team in the area of First Aid.

General Service Knowledge

Gain knowledge about the New Zealand Army, the equipment is uses, what it offers and how it assists New Zealanders.

Instructional techniques

Develop skills in passing on knowledge to other Cadets.


Find you way in open and bush country.

Weapons training and marksmanship

Become skilled in safe weapons handling and competition shooting.


Develop the skills to lead others.

Radio procedures

Gain and practice correct military procedures when using radios.

Citizenship training

Acquire status from serving others.

Recreational training

Achieve skills in a wide range of recreational activities. These could include such activities as tramping, camping, abseiling, climbing and caving.

Physical Training

Gain and maintain the benefits of a good level of fitness.

Involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme

Become involved in an international leadership training scheme.