Student Support

Peer Support

In order to help ease the transition from intermediate to secondary school our senior students work with small groups of Year 9 students to help them feel welcome and part of the school. The Peer Support Programme includes opportunities for junior students to get to know each other and their Group Tutor, as well as developing relationships with several Year 12 and 13 'buddies'.


A unique feature of Hamilton's Fraser High School is our SAFE (Students Against all Forms of Exploitation) Group. This is a group of over 120 students from all areas and levels of the school who volunteer to contribute to a safe and harmonious school environment.

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is a place for all of Hamilton's Fraser High School's students. Staff and parents are frequent visitors as we try to work together to remove barriers to learning. We aim to help students to find relevant, independent, enjoyable and successful learning experiences. The overall aim of the Learning Centre is to encourage and support independent learning.

The facility has a classroom, an office space, a computer bay, a relaxed study area and a sound proof room. Two staff co-ordinate the variety of programmes that are based in the Learning Centre. These programmes range from individual learning programmes to group tuition. The emphasis in the Learning Centre is on the learning process rather than a particular subject area.

Each year new programmes are initiated and old ones are reviewed to support learning for the students, staff and the extended community. All programmes are aimed at integration with the main stream and focus on students becoming more confident and continuing to thrive in the classroom.


Careers Pathways

We provide careers advice and mentoring for students from Years 9 to 13. We work with students individually as well as in groups to provide them with the skills they need to become independent, productive and ready for the world of further study or work. We are serious in our belief that work based placements and qualifications are the right of every student in their journey through our school, and a normal part of curriculum delivery within the school.

We are very mindful of Schools Plus and aim to be the flagship school in New Zealand delivering an integrated, meaningful, careers education programme for all our students. We have a cohesive and powerful career education strategy which is being recognised by government agencies, and followed by other forward thinking schools.