Fraser High School Board of Trustees

Fraser High School's Board of Trustees are responsible for the governance of the school who work tirelessly to support the management, staff and students to obtain the vision and goals in the school's charter and strategic plan . The Board consists of up to seven parent representatives, the Principal, a student representative and a staff representative.

Parent Representatives

  • Tracy Bonner - Presiding Member
  • Katrina Jamieson - Vice Presiding Member
  • Luseane Faletau
  • Milton Ngaruhe
  • Renata Kahuroa
  • Glen Perkinson

Staff Representative

Student Representative

  • Tara Lingard


  • Virginia Crawford

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates - 2022

Meetings are held in the school Library at 4:30 pm

  • February        14th             
  • March            14th             
  • April               11th             
  • May                9th   
  • June               13th              
  • July                4th                               
  • August           8th                
  • September     12th             
  • October         17th              
  • November     14th              
  • December     5th  

Meetings are held every 2nd Monday of the month except during school holiday time. These meetings will be either one week earlier or one week later and are noted in Blue

Agenda items for the meetings must be received, in writing, by the BOT secretary ONE WEEK prior to the meeting date. You can either phone the school office or email [email protected]

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