Welcome to Fraser Continuing Education!

These pages are designed to give you all the information you need on the courses we run, and how to join.

Please read them before making your enrollment and make yourself aware of the general terms and conditions and refund policy. 

Most courses run for eight weeks unless otherwise stated.


Safety Precautions on Campus

You want to feel protected. We want your learning to be fun, useful and safe. We clean all your rooms before class.

You will be asked to scan, use the hand sanitizer provided and comply with government advice regarding mask use and physical distancing. If you feel unwell, please contact us and do not come to class.  


We will need to sight your ID (Birth certificate, driver licence or passport) AND your Vaccine passport on the first night of class.

You can save time by sending us a picture or copy, so that we can sight them electronically before class starts.

ID sighting is a requirement of the TEC in order to provide ongoing funding. The Vaccination certificate requirement is a directive of the Board of Trustees, in order to protect vulnerable students and prevent lengthy school closures should a COVID case be diagnosed.

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Government Supported Student Courses.

These courses are supported by the TEC (Tertiary Education Commission) to assist with any literacy or numeracy needs of students. You must attend 80% of classes. At the same time we hope you will learn other useful and interesting skills and have a lot of fun learning with us.

Government priorities for Adult and Community Education (ACE) are to encourage new learners, specifically Maori, Pacific Islanders and those who feel their initial learning was not successful, to re-engage with their learning and improve numeracy and literacy skills.

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