Enrolment Information

Fraser High School enrolment applications are online.

Out of zone applications will be processed and placed on a waiting list until the In Zone applications are processed.

ONLINE ENROLMENTS  - Guide Sheet for In Zone students


Enrolments are Online. Please contact  Fraser High School office or ring 078479044 ext 0 if you are unable to complete the enrolment online



The following documents will need to be uploaded online with your application or completed as a paper copy and returned to the main office 

  • A copy of the student's Full Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the student's Immunisation status
  • Proof that you (parent, guardian, or caregiver), live within our School Zone. A recent (within the last two months) document showing your name and address, e.g. power or sky account. 

And where it applies

  • For students born overseas, a current passport with the appropriate visa or Certificate of Citizenship. 
  • If the student is not living with their parents or legal caregivers, proof of guardianship is required (e.g. Letter from parent/guardian permitting the student to live with the person named on the enrolment form).
  • Court document (if applicable)



On receipt of your completed online application, a pre-enrolment letter will be sent to you along with the following documents:

  • HUB Preference Sheet     (Year 9 & 10 only)
  • Option Preference Sheet (Year 9 & 10 only)
  • Senior Course selection Sheet (Year 11,12 & 13)
  • Learning support information (if applicable)
  • Iwi affiliation (if applicable)

Please email completed documents to: [email protected] or drop these into the main office.


Step 4 

Once we have all of the required documentation outlined above, you will be contacted for an Enrolment Interview

 Digital Device - We highly recommend that your child has their own digital device for blended learning. We recommend PB Tech who will offer recommendations and discounts.