Leadership and Service to the School at Fraser High School

Leadership is an attribute that is highly valued in New Zealand society and is reflected in Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau, ‘from one school comes many leaders’. We believe that our young leaders need to be nurtured, mentored and guided through the sometimes turbulent years of secondary school.

At Fraser we have a wide range of opportunities for students to “learn to lead” and at the same time gain the invaluable social virtue of service to others.

Senior School Leadership

Every year the Principal appoints a team of senior student leaders after consultation with the senior school and the staff.

Junior School Leadership

Junior Council provides an opportunity for junior students to represent their Year Level, discussing student issues and promoting student led school events.

Service Groups

Include: Librarians, Computer Technicians, Reading Mentors/Buddy Reading, Homework Mentors, Student sports coaches and referees.