PARENTING TEENS...with connection, kindness and confidence.

  • Location: H10
  • Start Date: Wednesday 12th Feb, 2020.
  • End Date: Wednesday 18th Mar, 2020.
  • Time: 6.30 - 8.30.
  • 6 Weeks.
  • 2 hours per week.
  • Course Fee: $79.00.


Surviving to Thriving: Parenting teens with less stress and more understanding, connection and fun

Are you feeling that parts of your family life could be less stressful, frustrating, chaotic, or tiring and wishing things could flow smoother?

Do you sometimes feel not fully supported and wish for more cooperation and contribution from others in the family?

Do you finding it challenging to find ways to spend quality time with your teenager and wishing for that feeling of togetherness and meaningful connection?

Do you have challenges with your teen around schooling, screen times, lying, or other issues?


This course is for you--parents of tweens and teens who want to

  • Have practical strategies for dealing with difficult teen behaviours
  • Improve your relationship with your teens
  • Slow down, get space and clear away some busyness in your schedule
  • Foster a family culture of respect, kindness, and cooperation
  • Be a positive role model for your family
  • Communicate empathetically, to hear and speak from the heart
  • Inspire and engage your family in making a positive difference
  • Benefit from a “village” of other parents for support and sharing


The world need more peace—it begins with each of us, in our families, in our homes.

By the end of the course you will have: 

  • The skills to deal with your teens difficult emotions in a kind and supportive way
  • Action plans on dealing with hard to tackle issues like screen time, homework and back talk
  • A variety of interesting and fun activities to connect with your teens
  • Insight into your teenagers brain and emotional world and how to work with rather than against their natural development 
  • Understanding of your parenting style and how that affects relationship dynamics 
  • Routines and daily rhythms that bring more ease and order to each day
  • Clarity on your family values and an inspiring family mission statement
  • More buy-in and contribution from your teens to the family & household chores 
  • Stronger connections and a warmer relationship with your teenager 
  • A greater sense of peace and calm within yourself to deal with challenges
  • A support network of like-minded parents learning and growing together as parents

How this course will help you succeed

You could learn about parenting from books, podcasts and videos but those will not produce lasting positive change.  What makes the difference for real transformation is offered in this course.

  • We will be narrowing down our focus to those things that are most relevant and practical to your needs now
  • You will have the chance to ask questions, get clarity, and interact with others who share your experiences and can offer new perspectives
  • You will get guidance and templates to design plans and routines that bring more order to your family life
  • Unlike conventional parenting courses, this is a whole family approach where your teens participate, highlighting cooperation
  • You will practice what you want to master, in a safe environment, getting confident and skillful, embodying the change
  • You will be held accountable to the changes you want to make and supported to succeed
  • As a learning community, we will celebrate what is going right along the way and  work together to find solutions for what’s not working


What could happen if you don’t commit to making the changes that you feel are needed in your family life? 

  • Your teens might not develop the positive relationship skills necessary for them to success in their future relationships at work and home
  • Your teens could give more resistance and rebelliousness in the future
  • Your teen might feel stressed, anxious, or depressed but not feel able to share that with you to get a solution
  • Unresolved issues now could surface into harmful behaviours later
  • You will continued to feel triggered and react in unhelpful ways
  • Your sense of overwhelm and frustration could lead into mental or physical health issues
  • The peace, joy, and connection you crave will continue to elude you

Can you afford not to make the investment in yourself and your teens?

Additional benefits of taking this course

  • Discounts on Family Success Coaching
  • Discounts on Family Fun Connection Challenges
  • Discounts on future courses


Course Structure

  • The course runs for 6 weeks with main lessons, plus supplementary resources provided for optional additional learning
  • The length of the course gives time to learn, practice, reflect, adjust, and become competent in the areas you want to improve.
  • You will not be bombarded with daily emails but will get what you need to progress smoothly and with ease
  • The activities and learning integrates into your family life in a way that will save you time, not add more onto your plate 


Your tutor:

Samantha is the parent of a teen son and daughter whom she home-educated for 5 years, is a Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) Certified Practitioner, a professional group process facilitator and has a Master degree in adult education and training for social change and a Bachelor degree in sociology and anthropology.  She is an avid listener of parenting podcasts and reader of parenting books and blogs.


I am writing to say how very impressed I was with her teaching. As a qualified foreign language and ESL teacher myself with approximately 35 years’ experience, I really appreciated Samantha’s skill in providing very clear explanations and a very vibrant presentation. She had a very lively engaging style and her presentation was well organised and logical with excellent examples given, often from her own experience - they were both humorous and enabled the students to identify very easily with the situations presented . Samantha’s white board work was also very tidy, clear and easy to follow, providing simple notes for those copying. She gave sufficient time for translation to be completed for the low level students and encouraged participation at regular intervals. She also gave ample opportunity for questions and clarification.

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This course is supported by the TEC (Tertiary Education Commission) to assist with literacy and numeracy needs of students. You must attend 80% of the class. At the same time we hope you will learn other useful and interesting skills and have a lot of fun learning with us.