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  • Start Date: Thursday 13th Feb, 2020.
  • End Date: Thursday 2nd Apr, 2020.
  • Time: 6.30 - 8.30.
  • 8 Weeks.
  • 2 hours per week.
  • Course Fee: $79.00.


Tutor: Elisapesi Havea

This course gives you an introduction to the structure of Tongan language and develops your basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is designed for students with little or no knowledge of the language, and for those with some fluency wishing to understand simple sentence structure and composition.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Pronounce and write basic Tongan vocabulary
  • Conduct conversations about the family
  • Write in Tongan about daily events and happenings
  • Write paragraphs in Tongan about the family, the Tongan social hierarchy, levels of Tongan language based on the social hierarchy, and important Tongan customs.

Topics covered

  • Pronunciation of Tongan words
  • Spelling of Tongan words
  • Aspects of Tongan grammar, e.g. personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, tense markers
  • Tongan families
  • Tongan social hierarchy
  • Tongan language levels
  • Tongan customs
  • Some Tongan tales of origin

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