Yinghua (Hailey) Zhang

"⼤家好!我是你们的中⽂⽼师。我叫张莹华,来⾃中国 上海。我很⾼兴能够在这⾥教授中 ⽂,并与你们⼀起探索这美丽的语⾔和⽂化。我有 超过⼗年的中⽂教学经验,曾在 奥克兰 中⽂学校 教授过中⽂课程。我热爱教学,喜欢与学⽣互动,帮助⼤家提⾼中⽂⽔平。我相 信通过合作和努⼒,我们可以共同取得进步,掌握这⻔语⾔。如果你们有任何问题,随时都 可以向我提问。期待与⼤家共同度过有趣⽽充实的学习时光!谢谢⼤家!"

 "Hello everyone! I am your Chinese teacher. My name is Yinghua Zhang (Hailey), and I come from Shanghai, China. I'm thrilled to be teaching Chinese here and exploring this beautiful language and culture together with all of you. I have more than ten years of experience teaching Chinese and have taught at Auckland Chinese Community School . I am passionate about teaching, enjoy interacting with students, and helping you improve your Chinese skills. I believe that through cooperation and effort, we can make progress together and master this language. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I look forward to spending an interesting and fulfilling learning journey with all of you. Thank you, everyone!”