Sarah Mason

NZSL Sign Language Tutor

Greetings! I'm Sarah Mason, a dedicated New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) tutor with a rich background. Originally from South Africa, I have proudly called New Zealand home for the past 16 years. As a mother of two, my passion for teaching NZSL is fueled by over a decade of tutoring experience.

Join me in the vibrant world of adult community education as we explore the beauty and depth of NZSL together. With my extensive background, I bring a unique perspective to the learning experience, making our sessions not only educational but also culturally enriching.

Whether you're a beginner (Course 1A) eager to embark on your signing journey or someone seeking to enhance their existing skills (Course NZSL 1B or 1C), my personalised approach ensures that each course /  lesson is tailored to your needs. Let's make the journey into NZSL not only informative but also enjoyable, fostering a strong connection to this expressive and inclusive language.

Come and discover the joy of communicating through sign language with me as your guide, and let's embark on this exciting linguistic adventure together.