Year 9 – Establishing the Foundation for Learning

We are partners with our contributing schools, nurturing our students transition
to Fraser

A Year 8’s transition from a full Primary or Intermediate school to secondary school can be complicated by the social, emotional and biological changes occurring to them at this time. At Fraser, we acknowledge that we need to work in partnership with the students’ contributing school and their parents, to ensure our students’ wellbeing and learning are not negatively impacted upon.

We understand how these changes affect our students and are better placed to support them make positive adjustments to Fraser. At Fraser we do this:

  • By striving to maintain class size to 24 students or less in Year 9.
  • Our senior student leaders actively facilitate peer support activities and mentoring.
  • Fraser’s LEAD programme is focussed on building foundation skills and attitudes necessary for our Year 9 students’ success, nurturing a sense of belonging and confidence to learn at Fraser.
  • Vulnerable students are supported by holistic health care managed by the school’s Health Centre and specialised learning assistance, managed by the Learning Centre and Support Centre.
  • The junior curriculum is designed to be responsive to our students’ learning needs in a timely manner, integrating ideas and concepts across all learning areas so that learning is culturally responsive and meaningful.